mother and daughter on a country road

My Mama from a Mama’s Eyes

The first anniversary of the day I became a mama is quickly approaching and this nostalgic time calls for reflection on my first year of motherhood. The joys and struggles of this new job title, mother, has opened my eyes to what other mothers, especially my own, have gone through before me. I think back [...]
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four generations for mother's day

Mother’s Day is About Time

Mother's Day to me is not about presents or fancy meals, but about time. Every year I go with my mom and grandma to our favorite nursery, which is located in the middle of no where. We pick out the flowers and herbs we'll grow that summer. We laugh, pass along knowledge, and share our [...]
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pink flowers on white table

Layers of Meaning on Mother’s Day

This year will mark my first Mother’s Day since my daughter was born. Mother’s Day has always been a good occasion to give my mom flowers and send a few cards, but it feels so much more significant this year. Of course, I’m excited to mark the occasion doing something special with my husband and [...]
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mother holding baby

I’m Getting to Celebrate Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day is special to me – not only because I have an amazing mom, but because at one point I wasn't sure I would ever get to celebrate it as a mother. My first Mother's Day was spent heartbroken, because only 2 short weeks before, I had lost my first pregnancy. My husband sweetly [...]
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