The Final Countdown: 5 Thoughts at 39 Weeks Pregnant

Today marks a milestone. I’m officially 39 weeks pregnant with my first child –a boy! There were so many times during this pregnancy when I thought I might not ever get to this point. To be honest, I’m a little in shock still that I’m nearing the end. Some days, it still feels like I just found out I was pregnant. Everyone says it goes by so fast. When I would hear that, I would think to myself, “I’m sorry but how do 9 months go by fast?” But I’m here to admit that they were right and it really does!

Like I mentioned, this is my first pregnancy, and man has it been totally different than I expected! All the things I prepared myself for really never happened, and all the things I wasn’t prepared for hit me like a ton of bricks. Why does life always work like that? Anyway, now that the final days of this pregnancy are just ahead, I’ve been finding myself reflecting a little bit on this journey so far and want to share some of my thoughts and feelings. Hindsight is always 20/20 – granted I still have a few days left to go – but better to keep reminding myself of these things now because in 20 minutes, I could feel the total opposite (thank you hormones)!

Be grateful you made it this far

As I look back on the last 9 months, one of the first things I can’t deny is how thankful I am for making it this far. Being 39 weeks with a healthy baby about to make his entrance is truly a blessing. There are many other women, couples or families who devastatingly never made it this far. I can’t even begin to imagine the heartache in those situations. Every time I want to complain, sulk, or throw myself a pity party, I am reminded of the blessing I have received and am challenged to cherish it for all of those who didn’t get to.

Spend time with your spouse

I realize this might not be applicable to everyone so I will just speak from my personal experience. It has been bittersweet to know that my time with just me and my husband is quickly coming to an end as we know it. Of course, life will be so much sweeter in so many ways once our little guy comes. But I have so cherished these married years, just my husband and I figuring out life together. As these final days go by, I have been more spontaneous to do things on the fly with him or pick up and go somewhere knowing that we might not get to in the near future. Life is about to get a little crazier so I’m enjoying the quality time and memorable moments with him right up until we become a family of three. Something comforting a friend told me was “if there was ever going to be someone permanently added to my family, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect fit than my child.”

Cherish the bump

So, I can’t put my shoes on by myself. Yes, I’m currently rotating between three outfits total (two of which probably qualify more as pajamas). I’m at the waddling stage as much as I don’t want to admit it. Yes, my side of the bed looks like a pillow pyramid with the configurations I have to create in order to get to sleep. But I’m constantly in awe of what the human body can do! Isn’t it amazing that your body can grow another body inside it?! Isn’t it crazy that your body can sustain two humans at the same time (or more if you have multiples)? When I look down at the bump and can’t see my feet, there is part of me that will be sad when it’s gone. I won’t be able to carry my child with me wherever I go. I won’t be able to feel him move or hiccup. So even though I feel like a beached whale, I’m cherishing these last few days as a complete unit before we part ways and become two unique individuals.

Nobody else is more perfect for this role

By this point, I’m definitely a ball of nerves, emotions, worry, fear, excitement, and pretty much everything all at once (which can I just say, is totally exhausting)! Questions revolve in my head constantly wondering if I will be able to do this? What will life look like once the baby is here? What have I gotten myself into? Can I really handle this? But many people have told me along the way – “Nobody is more perfect for this role than you!” “No one will be a better mom to this little one than you!” And they are so right! No one is better cut out for the job of raising my child than I am (and my husband, of course). Does motherhood come with a manual? I wish! Will I make mistakes? Most definitely. Will it be hard? Yes, that’s the word on the street. But I’m meant to be this little one’s mom and there’s no question about that.

Buy the ice cream at the grocery store

Ya know, I could talk myself out of it. I could justify night and day why I shouldn’t. I could choose something healthier… or I could just get the dang ice cream at the grocery store and call it a day! At this point, I’m thinking I deserve it. What is life all about if I can’t enjoy the little things every now and then? And I’ll be honest, it’s been more often than now and then haha. I only have a few more days to milk this thing for all it’s worth so I’m just going to give up the fight. FYI – they were 10 for $10 so I got a few.

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