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Finding Fitness After Becoming A Mom

I’ll be honest, before I had kids of my own, I did not understand how someone could not find the time to include fitness in their life. I thought that maybe they weren’t tough or just didn’t care enough. After all, staying active is one of the most important markers we have for staying healthy. [...]
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Don't Give Up on your New Year's Health Resolutions

Don’t Give Up on your New Year’s Health Resolutions

Hang on regular gym-goers.  Your equipment is about to get bombarded with New Year's Resolution-ers.  But don't worry, it won't last long - unfortunately. If you're like most adults, you have some type of health-related New Year's Resolution. You know the kind: lose weight, start exercising, cut the junk food, join a gym. If you're like [...]
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Getting Started with Yoga

Part 2: Getting Started with Yoga

Even if you think you aren’t flexible (that’s why we do yoga). Even if you have injuries (there’s always an elegant solution, as one very wise teacher reminds us). Even if you’re overweight (have you ever heard of chair yoga). There is a class for you where you are right now.

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